Montana Creek XC Ski Adventure

Juneau can be such an amazing, giving place. A while back I scored some free cross-country skis and boots. They're old, but they fit and they work and that's all that matters! Yesterday was the first time I've used this new-to-me setup, and holy smokes it was great! There are several places to cross-country ski … Continue reading Montana Creek XC Ski Adventure

FurFur – Day Whatever

It's a struggle to keep track of what day of the week it is anymore. They're all just blurring together. The past few days haven't been much different than the last two weeks. Yesterday was a bit more eventful though. I went out on my normal walk with Nova from the house. At the end … Continue reading FurFur – Day Whatever

FurFur – Day 8

Nova and I had SO MUCH FUN yesterday! It was a decently warm, sunny day so I decided to see how Nova would do on a trek up the mountain with my snowboard and then following me down as I ride. I've only used my splitboard a couple times this winter, so I was stoked … Continue reading FurFur – Day 8

FurFur – Day 7

Yesterday, Sunday, was day 7 of this social distancing furlough furtopia quarantine madness. I survived a week of doing pretty much the same things I always do... just minus the work part. I've always been a bit of a hermit. I'd rather chill at home by myself doing a random craft project or be out … Continue reading FurFur – Day 7

FurFur – Day 5 & 6

So from here on out I'm just going to refer to 'Furlough Furtopia' as 'FurFur'. The reason I'm even titling these blogs as FurFur is because that's exactly what it is. My job furloughed their employees because of this COVID-19 situation (and I don't blame them one bit) which has resulted in being home every … Continue reading FurFur – Day 5 & 6

Furlough Furtopia – Day 4

Thursday was a good day. Nova and I walked out to Pt. Louisa and pitched a hammock for a bit. We had about 15 min of peace and quiet until a group of 3 others came and pitched hammocks literally 15 ft from mine. I mean, there's SO many space and trees out there and … Continue reading Furlough Furtopia – Day 4

Furlough Furtopia- Day 2 & 3

Day 2 - Nova and I have had SO many adventures together already. Tuesday I went out cross-country skiing with a couple friends for the first time. It was super fun and such a great workout, for both me and the pup. We did a little under 4 miles (I’m still sore and it’s currently … Continue reading Furlough Furtopia- Day 2 & 3