New Blog!

Hello peeps! So I’ve been using ‘PeaceLoveSnowflakes’ for forever and a day, but I feel like it’s just time to start fresh… so welcome to AK Mountaintop Mermaid! I still have a lot of good memories over on, so those aren’t going anywhere!

I feel like it’s a pretty appropriate blog name for me. I love mountains with all my heart (and the view is better from the top). I also love the ocean and all it’s provided me. It’s what I live for. Adventuring in the mountains and adventuring on the sea.

I still have my Etsy site as ‘PeaceLoveSnowflakes’ but I’ll eventually get that switched over to AK Mountaintop Mermaid too… when I have time to do anything other than eat sleep and drive a boat.

Anywho, a few quick photos from lately…





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