Where Did The Season Go?

The summer tourist season is almost over, only a month left, but I’m not too sad about it. This summer has been amazing, but it’s also been very busy, stressful, and tiring. It’s been the busiest summer on the boats since my time with Allen Marine. This summer has been filled with so many amazing memories, people, and experiences and I am so very thankful to be able to continue doing what I love. I have been blessed with a wonderful crew that’s stuck together the whole summer, but I am so ready for fall, playing hockey, snowboarding, and the chill winter vibe at work. I do want to travel a bit more this winter. Aside from my trip home in October for my friends wedding, I have nothing set in stone. We will see where the winter winds blow me!

I am also holding strong on my keto way of eating. It’s not even a diet to me anymore, it’s just a way of life. It doesn’t feel like a diet, I’m not restricting myself from any foods that I want. My taste buds have certainly changed. I don’t crave bread or sweets or any carby foods, well, other than beer. I do splurge on a good beer every once in a while. I actually smelled a piece of bread a few days ago and it almost turned my stomach. One thing I do miss is some good fruit. The only fruits that I can really eat without going over my carb limit are berries, and trust me, I definitely eat my fair share of berries, and then some! So far it hasn’t kicked me out of ketosis yet. I will never go back to the Standard American Diet and all its unhealthiness. I feel so much better and healthier now, better than I’ve felt in 10 years. Although I have been sick the past couple days with a stomach bug, this is the first time I’ve been sick at all since starting keto.

Once the season starts slowing down a bit more I am definitely going to start hitting up the gym more often. I plan on doing some strength training to focus on getting strong and toned. Usually when I go to the gym, I go straight for the treadmill to run a couple miles, then just bounce around from machine to machine until I’m tired. That’s definitely better than not going at all, but I want to figure out a routine that will actually give me results. I’m very happy with the weight that I’ve lost just following a keto diet considering I haven’t really had time to work out at all since May. I follow a lot of keto groups on Facebook, and everyone’s always posting their before and after photos. I’ve never really thought much about it, and I’m kicking myself in the ass for not taking ‘before’ photos. When I went back to look for some old photos of me, I realized I really don’t have many that are full body shots, it’s just mostly face shots. I can’t really tell much of a difference in myself, but I’m also looking at myself in the mirror every day. It does feel good when people compliment me on the weight I have lost. Once I actually put an old photo of me and a recent photo of me side-by-side, I really could tell the difference, and it gives me even more motivation to stay on track.

Last week I took another set of photos and stitched them together for a pano shot of South Sawer Glacier. Damn, I’m really gonna miss this glacier office view over the winter.

I also haven’t seen my beautiful sea pandas in weeks! The last time they came through our tour area I had the day off. I miss these beautiful creatures so much. There for a while we were seeing them pretty frequently, almost on a daily basis for a couple weeks. I know they will grace me with their presence again eventually, I just have to be patient. Since I’m having killer whale withdrawls, here are a few photos I’ve taken from the summer.

Some more random shots from the past couple weeks..

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