Droppin’ an Update

Yeah yeah, I know it's been over a month since my last post. I told myself I'd be more on top of writing on this blog... but yeah, life happens I suppose. It's been a good fall season so far. Work has switched into the more laid back winter vibe, there's snow on the mountaintops, … Continue reading Droppin’ an Update

Ol’ Blue

Guess what y'all?! I finally got a kayak! ABAK had their end of season sale on Saturday and I figured it was the best bang for my buck for getting a sea kayak. They had one particular kayak that I was set on buying, but when I got to the sale, someone had literally just … Continue reading Ol’ Blue

That Green Glow

Last night's aurora show was pretty amazing. I think I missed the best part because I had a hockey game (which I scored my first goal of the season!) but when I came out of the rink, all I saw was beautiful green ribbons of light swirling in the sky. I immediately ran home and … Continue reading That Green Glow

Where Did The Season Go?

The summer tourist season is almost over, only a month left, but I'm not too sad about it. This summer has been amazing, but it's also been very busy, stressful, and tiring. It's been the busiest summer on the boats since my time with Allen Marine. This summer has been filled with so many amazing … Continue reading Where Did The Season Go?

Flyin’ High

Yesterday I was off work, so I decided to go on the 5 glacier flight-seeing tour through Wings Airways. It was pretty rainy downtown but once we were up in the air headed towards Taku, the visibility got a lot better. It was so beautiful seeing all those glaciers and sights from the air. It … Continue reading Flyin’ High

Over Halfway There!

Wow, where has this summer gone? It's almost the end of July, and over halfway through the summer season! I swear every summer I blink and it's October already. Ok friends, I need some help...  I want to go somewhere warm, sunny, and beachy in the fall and need some input! I've been to Hawaii … Continue reading Over Halfway There!

Keto Waffles!

For the past couple months, my day off ritual has been making keto waffles. They are SO yummy and perfectly keto! Below is the recipe that I’ve been tweaking and finally settled on. Give it a try! It’s just as good, if not better, than regular waffles!   Ingredients: 2 eggs 2 oz cream cheese … Continue reading Keto Waffles!